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Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
. >> why health officials are sending out a warning about those popular 5 our energy drinks. they may be doing more harm than good. we will talk about that. here is a live look from lake tahoe. there is snow in the background and it looks like they may be getting more of it this weekend. there is a system had in our way. we'll breakdown the forecast for you and a bit. 0ñ@Ñ >> researchers looking for treatments may have a fresh target for treating alzheimer's. less than one up percent of people actually have this gene but if you have it it triples your chances of developing alzheimer's. it also affects elderly with and they're thinking that do not have dementia as well. >> testifying from a house committee yesterday fda commissioner told lawmakers that the problems found in inspections of the new plan compounds center were in her words very serious. the fda was obligated to refer to the massachusetts police who have more authority over the pharmacy. the owner and director of the and ec's the decline to testify invoking his fifth amendment right. >> of the food and drug administration
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am PST
it secret. the food and drug administration received reports of hommel defects related to the energy drink rock star. it cause stomach pains and nausea. no hospitalization was required no deaths were reported at other decaffeinated drinks five our image may have been involved in a number of death five our energy--five energy. >> here is a live look at storm tracker 4 we are following the rain. there is a drizzle there now but you will see a lot more wet weather out in the pacific. will give your forecast with erica in a moment. we are back. here is a live look from a camera out in every bill. jackie sissel is part along interstate 80. so far it does not look like the paper is too wet. that could change today let us cut the lead is on the forecast is a welcome to the rain erica. >> good morning james we are back on storm tracker 4. i change the views of you could see what is going on offshore. we did see a trace of the brains passed earlier. --rain. we do have lightning strikes so he chatted with this week's storm we could see lightning this afternoon. temperatures will not be too bad howev
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2